Aluvion Perfume – Inspired By: Only The Brave by Diesel



What are Designer Inspired Perfumes?

All perfumes and fragrances are essentially made by combining either synthesized oils or essential oils or both. Every perfume has its recipe, because a recipe allows you to be consistent in the fragrance you would like to create.

Here at DINEN, we want to cater for all budget sizes. So besides the 100% Original Designer Fragrances we are selling to you in our Fragrances Catalogue, we wish to give you recreations of economy yet quality grade perfumes of similar scents made using a similar synthesis to make that fragrance you love so much but costing only a fraction of the Original Designer Fragrance.

You’ll find when perfumes are described that one speaks of Top, Heart and Base notes . It is the description of what a perfume smells like, how it trails and what ingredients are more prominent than the others. That is the composition of the perfume.

Essential oils can not be trademarked, because it is derived from plants. Just like you would not be able to trademark lettuce. What you can trademark is your brand name, the packaging, the colour combination used, as that is how people would recognise your brand.

We can be inspired by a recipe (designer perfume) that is popular on the high street and combine essential oils in the same way, yet with our own little twist to it. We clearly state that the products we sell under this catalogue are not affiliated and that no claim of any copyright on their brand has been made. We merely use their name as a comparison to what the ‘potion’ we are selling smells like.

So as long as we are not claiming that these are the same original perfumes under our Fragrances Catalogue (which we are not), or affiliated or use the same branding, we are legally and ethically allowed to sell you either the original designer scents under our Fragrances Catalogue or the Designer Inspired Scents in this catalogue.

Ultimately our intention is to make you enjoy your favourite perfume and give credit where credit is due.


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