Spotify Premium Membership – Monthly Subscription With Warranty

Are you a Melomaniac, a lover of music, a fanatic of the radio and likes to get to know the hottest newest tracks before they even play in your favourite chill spot or just loves to go back in time and reminisce over your favourite songs back when you were in high school without the hustle of piracy? Well if you, like we, are a music enthusiast for legal content who always wished to join the Spotify family, then you came to the right place!


  • Stream almost any song you can think of at any time
  • Download and listen to 10,000 Offline Tracks and up to 50,000 Tracks on up to 5 Different Devices
  • High Quality Audio
  • Shuffle play
  • Ad free
  • Unlimited skips

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This is a 100% private account that will belong to you and no one else.

As you may already know, Zambia is currently restricted from this service entirely. However, with us you are able to purchase a monthly subscription of Spotify Premium without the need for VPNs and we are offering you an even cheaper premium subscription package than the site would, giving you a full experience of downloading your favourite songs and all that other cool stuff!

Spotify Premium allows you to download and listen to 10,000 offline tracks per device and up to 50,000 tracks on a total of five devices sharing the same account credentials. Spotify has a catalogue of more than 35 million songs with no listening limit – but if you save artists, albums or tracks these are added to a personal collection called “Your Music”.

HERE COMES THE BEST PART: If you find 5 other friends who wish to sign up for this service and they purchase it at the same time as you, you get a FREE 64GB MEMORY CARD to go with your subscription. Just send us the email addresses of all of your 5 friends and we’ll be expecting you to come pick it up. What better head-start than to already have more than enough storage space for your new to acquire 10,000 tracks!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Android Smartphones and Tablets, Apple Devices, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3.


1. If you don’t already have a Spotify Account, message us on +260977384219 or with your order number and confirm the nature of devices you will be signing in on. We will then create an account for you, process your subscription promptly and send you the latest version's download link so that you are able to get the app installed on your Phone, PC, Tablet, etc because you will not be able to view it on Play Stores (due to regional restrictions). Sometimes we get overwhelmed so bear with us, but it should only take between 1 to 24 hours, please be patient.

2. If you already have an account, please send your order number to +260977384219 or in a message for us to process your subscription promptly. Sometimes we get overwhelmed so bear with us, but it should only take between 1 to 24 hours so please be patient.

3. If you encounter any problem with your Spotify service you must contact us first before you open any cases with You must allow us up to 24 hours to respond to messages and if we don’t revert after that, call +260977384219 and we will urgently assist you. If we fail to fix your old account we will provide a free Spotify replacement account and teach you how to easily transfer your music playlists from your old account to your new account. If for some reason we fail to rectify your account entirely you will be awarded a full refund.


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