Topsun 330W Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

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Topsun Energy Ltd – 320Wp to 340Wp in 72 cells – High Performance Crystalline Photovoltaic Modules

Topsun’s Crystalline Photovoltaic Modules are manufactured under Integrated Management System (ISO 9K: ISO 14K: BS 18K) for quality and safety environment. Offers high module efficiencies with consistent performance, quality workmanship and antimony free glass material. High power modules precisely manufactured to achieve better module conversion efficiency in the industry. Environmental friendly product confirming to RoHS standards.

• Multi Crystalline
• PID Free
• Micro cracks free -100% EL inspected
• AR coated glass for better positive tolerance
• RoHS and CE certified
• Linear degradation as per Industry standard
• Best suited for Grid Tied applications

Product Certifications:
• IS14286/IEC 61215: 2005 Ed 2.0
• IEC/IS 61730-1: 2013/2004 Ed 1.2/IEC 61730-1: 2007
• IEC/IS 61730-2: 2012/2004 Ed 1.1/IEC 61730-2: 2007
• IEC 61701: 2012 salt mist corrosion test
• IEC 62716: 2013 Ammonia corrosion test
• IEC 62804: 2015 Potential Induced Degradation

Organization Certifications:
• ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001 Certified
• ISO 50001 Certified
• ZED Certified


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